Spanish word for Apple

The Spanish translation for the word “apple” is “manzana”.

How to pronounce “manzana” in Spanish:

Sounds like – man-thah’-nah
Listen to the audio pronunciation –

Translation for apple in Spanish

manzana = apple in Spanish

Practice the Spanish translation for “apple” using these sentences:

Example 1:
Apples are sweet and juicy.

Las manzanas son dulces y jugosas.

Example 2:
My mom bakes the most delicious apple pie I’ve ever had.

Mi mamá hornea la tarta de manzana más deliciosa que he probado.

Example 3:
There are red, yellow and green apples.

Hay manzanas de color rojo, amarillo y verde.

Example 4:
We went to pick some apples to my uncle’s orchard.

Fuimos a recoger algunas manzanas del huerto de mi tío.

What type of apple is your favorite?

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